Freelancing visual effects artist

Hi and welcome, nice to have you here! I’m living on the countryside in the west of Sweden, I do most of my work remotely. But a few times a year I’m on-set wherever needed in the world to advice productions and to collect data for post-production. I’ve been in the businesses for over a decade now and I’ve learnt to work in an organized fashion and to iterate shots carefully. Yes, I’ve been in most pitfalls, promise!
I have a broad repertoire and can handle complex shots from start to delivery. Look development, fur and feathers have been my key focus along with supervision and creating pipeline tools. Last few years I’ve been doing more and more compositing. And I enjoy it! Feel free to contact me for any inquiries. Cheers!

+46 70-79 44 265 (WhatsApp)

A few VFX breakdowns

Some of my experiments

Small 3 axis motion ctrl. platform. Pre-animated in maya.

RMSHair shader with indirect ptc lookup.

CornyHair – RenderMan hair shader. Point based radiosity and pre baked occlusion in the fur. (nut up with today’s standards, but before 2012 it was really handy.)

2 axis gyro test