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June 20, 2013
Blast outside Fido's office
The big rock outside work needs to go away!
We have a perfect view from our window at the fido office.

Blast outside work from Anders Nyman on Vimeo.

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A black panther chose me for a sarndtay I did recently. I looked up the symbology in Ted Andrews' Animal Speak. Panthers are about reclaiming one's true power. Cycle of power: dark of the moon. Anyone who aligns w/ the panther will begin to develop a greater depth of vision more than psychic sight it is an inner knowing. The panther has very strong hearing. To those w/ whom the panther links comes the ability to hear the communications of other dimensions and other life forms. I always wondered about all those voices inside me! Lila
Skrivet av Nilo July 7, 2013

November 7, 2013
Talking W.A.R. in 3d world magazine!
In the latest issue of 3D World Magazine you will find a short interview with me about the World of Warplanes game trailer. They did cut out two third of the article so some parts are slightly mixed up and out of context, but overall it's good.

October 19, 2013
Ad for the swedish Roy gala
In this ad for "Roygalan", me and Thomas Näslund got free hands to create whatever we wanted.
Some inspiration from Breaking Bad :)

July 20, 2013
Bridge destruction VFX breakdown
Bridge destruction VFX shot for the Swedish film "Känn ingen sorg". Nothing super fancy, I'm just love to make breakdown videos of everything... I'm responsible for animation, bridge/wire simulation, lighting and rendering. Read more...

July 5, 2013
Peregrine falcon in 3d world magazine!
In the latest issue of 3d world magazine you can find an article about the falcon Fido did for the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation. I wrote this article a while back, in april I think, and thought it never gona make it into the mag. So, by a suprise I saw this picture on facebook yesterday from Peregrine Labs. Read more...

July 3, 2013
Another 16mm shoot, Vision3 50D film stock
Now I have developed and scanned another reel from Kodak, Vision3 50D. I'm really happy with the outdoor results. The amount of light, sun, made it also easy to exposure for som high speed footage. Some of the material in the video below are shoot at 64fps. Read more...

May 3, 2013
Buy a 50 years old camera and shoot!
In this article I will describe the basics and how I got started working with this beautiful camera. The first issue you will run in to is probably power supply and later where to buy some film stock and where to develop and scan the film. Read more...